Calla Lilies


Three Calla Lilies
This is my latest personal project

My lovely lady Liz suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and we are always
looking for anything which may help to improve her condition.

Recently a new form of treatment is being used called CCSVI
Whilst this procedure is regularly being performed on the NHS for other medical conditions it has not yet been approved for its use in multiple sclerosis! Many of the drugs available for MS treatment were originally developed for other conditions so this is not surprising.

We have done plenty of research into the CCSVI procedure
and believe this could be beneficial to Liz and her condition.

Whilst MS affects people differently, Liz personally knows 5 people
who have recently undergone this procedure and all are showing signs of improvement.

This project was borne out of the idea that many of our friends and associates may like to contribute towards the cost of this treatment.  This is a way we can give something back in return, whilst at the same time hopefully getting the funds together to cover the cost of the treatment.

The CCSVI procedure is currently being performed in Scotland
at a cost of 8000.00

There are only 100 prints priced at 80.00 each.

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